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Studio III architects’ Hero Wednesday: Thom Mayne Talking About his Amazing New Building for Cooper Union

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featureimg_306_51f1b41587f85_a.ud_Thom-Mayne_Architect-mag_610x392This Wednesday we have a fascinating interview with Thom Mayne talking about his amazing new building for Cooper Union (The Cooper Union for the advancement of Science and Art) in New York City.

Thom Mayne is the Principal/Design Director for Morphosis architects and among the world’s most creative architectural thinkers.  This interview allows one a rare glimpse into the thoughts behind an extraordinary building in one of the world’s most intellectual and energetic cities…one might call it a heroic exploration of creativity.
”Thinking about the past, present and future, exploring, inventing, making and participating in the world….and bringing it into the physical world…” is the true practice of architecture and the way true innovations are created.

“Why?”…is one of the first questions one is compelled to ask….but it’s easy to be mystified when we don’t understand all the elements and forces at work behind the scene.  Mayne refutes the compulsion “to make fake new old building” which I agree with completely. His interest in the “proletariat” and “inexpensive” are great and near to my own interests….but im not quite sure his “inexpensive and proletariat” are the same as most of us conceive of them.

And there are certainly some serious questions to be asked of this creation….like why is “off” good?….why is departure from “the system” good?….Why demand so much attention….What is our obsession with creativity, icon and identity, etc.

But that is what’s also great about the building and his astounding creative process….it makes you think!

Check out the interview;

And check out the images of the building by clicking on the right side of the image at this link!