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Studio III architects’ Hero Wednesday: The Park Passive House

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The Park Passive house by NK Architects is a great example of the potential for the Passive House building standard. The technical rigor of ultra energy efficiency is often dominated by just that…technical rigor, leaving the connection to context and natural surroundings, aesthetics and awareness of spaces and the lives lived in them as after thoughts…if thought about at all. To capture all of these considerations in a project is no simple task and goes far beyond building science and is what Architecture is really about…in any building type. The question of whether Passive House or Net Zero is the appropriate path for our future is still up for grabs. To only “building to code” is an expensive proposition and a liability for the future market value of the building whether your heating or cooling. Nice project NK Architects.

Follow this link to to see and read about the Park Passive house. (for large format images only click on the first image and scroll through all the photos)

Oh and, by the way, Studio III Architects has its first certified Passive House “on the boards” and planning on stunning results as well!



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Vermont Architect Gregor Masefield of Studio III architects Achieves Passive House Consultant Certification!

Congratulations to Studio III architects Owner Gregor Masefield for completing training and passing the exams to become a Certified Passive House Consultant!

Read more about Passive House Institute US here:

Studio III architects Vermont passive house certified consultants

Hero Wednesday: 475 and PassiveHaus

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Hero Wednesday: 475 and PassiveHaus

Studio III architects’ Hero for this Wednesday:

Many have put their shoulder to the stone…so there are MANY unsung heroes in this concept of “Passive Haus” construction…or “Passive House” as we say in the US. If you can make it through the first 5 minutes you will be amazed by the next 15minutes…yeah its kinda long….but check it out as it is a heroic endeavor that could become our future!

Click on the photo above, or on this:

“The One Safe Investment and Why You Never Hear About It From Financial Advisors”

When I was a kid…(and no im not that old)….i had a savings account that earned (that’s right “earned”) 8.25%. The banking industry did away with that and I’m sure they’d say it was for our own good. So now if we need liquid cash we must borrow it….no dipping into the savings.

This article features a different way to think about investments and earnings that seems to make sense but is very different from our current way of thinking…what do you think? Fuzzy math, fact or fiction….?