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Studio III architects’ Hero Wednesday: Solar Decathlon

Studio III architects’ Hero Wednesday:  This week’s hero…again not just one individual…but a slew of folks participating in the U.S Department of energy Solar Decathlon.

Check out ultra energy efficient innovative concepts for homes of the future, designed and build by college students from around the world…and VOTE for the one you like the best!!!

Solar Decathlon


Hero Wednesday: 475 and PassiveHaus

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Hero Wednesday: 475 and PassiveHaus

Studio III architects’ Hero for this Wednesday:

Many have put their shoulder to the stone…so there are MANY unsung heroes in this concept of “Passive Haus” construction…or “Passive House” as we say in the US. If you can make it through the first 5 minutes you will be amazed by the next 15minutes…yeah its kinda long….but check it out as it is a heroic endeavor that could become our future!

Click on the photo above, or on this: