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Can the Building be the Hero?

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Can the Building be the Hero?

It’s Hero Wednesday again:

Ok, this is a very cool building…can a building be a hero? Probably not…a valued component of a community or aspect of ones life…but a hero, perhaps not. So is the hero the developer with the idea of transforming the experience of a PARKING GARAGE in to a valued communal space of gathering, interest, experience and entertainment…with his plush roof top abode capping it all off!? That’s kinda hard to swallow too, but he did set the stage for things to happen. And then there are the Architects, Herzog and De Meuron who took the germ of an idea…a great idea…and made it happen. I still wish that the building could be the hero…

“The One Safe Investment and Why You Never Hear About It From Financial Advisors”

When I was a kid…(and no im not that old)….i had a savings account that earned (that’s right “earned”) 8.25%. The banking industry did away with that and I’m sure they’d say it was for our own good. So now if we need liquid cash we must borrow it….no dipping into the savings.

This article features a different way to think about investments and earnings that seems to make sense but is very different from our current way of thinking…what do you think? Fuzzy math, fact or fiction….?

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Studio III Hits FineHomebuilding Again

Studio III is mentioned in the article “Master Carpenter: Weaving Slate and Tile into a Stunning Floor” in the current issue of FineHomebuilding magazine!
Sean Flynn of Silver Maple Construction in Bristol demonstrates, for the entryway of his own home, how he achieved this effect, and Studio III gets a mention!
Gregor originally designed a similar floor for a residence in Charlotte, Vermont.

Click here to see the video!


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Site Visit to Willowell, with Monkton’s DRB

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Studio III took a site visit to Willowell, in Monkton, Vermont, with Monkton’s Development Review Board, on a beautiful July evening.  The DRB wanted to evaluate Willowell’s proposed Arts & Sustainability Center plans on-site.

The red balloons were put up by Green Mountain Engineering, to show the heights of the proposed buildings.