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Best of Houzz 2016


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Studio III architects’ Hero Wednesday: Clean These Rivers?!


“Clean these rivers?!” a question or an exclamation…?
This is an amazing idea…to clean New York Cities Hudson and East River….to the extent that you could swim in them?!
Yes, check out Archie, Jeff and Dong’s idea for a public, floating, swimming pool that actually cleans the river.


The project also spotlights the idea that Designers can and should launch ideas to benefit our communities…because that is what we are trained to do but are rarely given the opportunity….because we usually have a client whose ideas come first.

The idea of the Designers as client is amazing. Initiating a project to solve a community or environmental issue, exploring and developing ideas and solutions from a sophisticated professional perspective with community and environmental wellbeing at the heart can have amazing results.

The question I have is how do they keep the lights on and the rent paid?! Seriously, how do you do that part?


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Studio III architects’ Hero Wednesday: NEW vs. OLD!

Controversy over NEW vs. OLD!

You love your old sneakers….so you save em and get new ones….or Huck the stinky old ones, or??


Ok how about your car, or phone?!  Old vs. New?


Maybe it’s more of a cultural question.  Sure some things we love new and others we love because they’re old.  From there it can be simplified to individual preference.  Let’s face it, some like to go antique collecting and others like to get rid of their junk…it all depends on where you stand.


So what about this example of a new home vs an old home?  And where does ones opinion cross the boundaries into others rights?


As Rodney King once said “can’t we all just try to get along?!”



…and for fun, here is the link to the Oakwood’s Historic society web page,



…and Architect Louis Cherry’s web page!


Studio III architects’ Hero Wednesday: One World Trade Center Top Out

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Studio III architects' Hero Wednesday: One World Trade Center Top Out

Ok…this is a little old…almost a year…but amazing…and nauseating at the same time!
Check out this video of the One World Trade Center spire lifted into position, 1.776 feet high!! (go full screen …its crazy!)

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Studio III’s Hero Wednesday: 3d Print Canal House, DUS Architects

Weirder then fiction (at least to an architect or builder)…but actually if you think about it, cars are made by robots, many surgeries are done or assisted by robots….so what’s so crazy about a building being made by robots, or 3D printer? Well watch this little video and let your mind wander a bit. The possibilities are many, the draw backs too, but these Architects are really looking to address a lot of the BIG questions of our future. And is it our future or just a passing fancy, or….a step along the way.

The project’s dedicated website is really quite interesting….poke around and discover more.



For a look at what else these architects from Amsterdam are thinking about check out their website!

Studio III architects’ Hero Wednesday: The Park Passive House

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The Park Passive house by NK Architects is a great example of the potential for the Passive House building standard. The technical rigor of ultra energy efficiency is often dominated by just that…technical rigor, leaving the connection to context and natural surroundings, aesthetics and awareness of spaces and the lives lived in them as after thoughts…if thought about at all. To capture all of these considerations in a project is no simple task and goes far beyond building science and is what Architecture is really about…in any building type. The question of whether Passive House or Net Zero is the appropriate path for our future is still up for grabs. To only “building to code” is an expensive proposition and a liability for the future market value of the building whether your heating or cooling. Nice project NK Architects.

Follow this link to to see and read about the Park Passive house. (for large format images only click on the first image and scroll through all the photos)

Oh and, by the way, Studio III Architects has its first certified Passive House “on the boards” and planning on stunning results as well!


Passive Passion: more info on the Passive House standard for buildings

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Here’s a short video with some more information about the Passive House standard for buildings.

Gregor Masefield of Studio III architects in Bristol, VT is now a Certified Passive House Consultant!

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Vermont Architect Gregor Masefield of Studio III architects Achieves Passive House Consultant Certification!

Congratulations to Studio III architects Owner Gregor Masefield for completing training and passing the exams to become a Certified Passive House Consultant!

Read more about Passive House Institute US here:

Studio III architects Vermont passive house certified consultants

Studio III architects’ Hero Wednesday: Thom Mayne Talking About his Amazing New Building for Cooper Union

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featureimg_306_51f1b41587f85_a.ud_Thom-Mayne_Architect-mag_610x392This Wednesday we have a fascinating interview with Thom Mayne talking about his amazing new building for Cooper Union (The Cooper Union for the advancement of Science and Art) in New York City.

Thom Mayne is the Principal/Design Director for Morphosis architects and among the world’s most creative architectural thinkers.  This interview allows one a rare glimpse into the thoughts behind an extraordinary building in one of the world’s most intellectual and energetic cities…one might call it a heroic exploration of creativity.
”Thinking about the past, present and future, exploring, inventing, making and participating in the world….and bringing it into the physical world…” is the true practice of architecture and the way true innovations are created.

“Why?”…is one of the first questions one is compelled to ask….but it’s easy to be mystified when we don’t understand all the elements and forces at work behind the scene.  Mayne refutes the compulsion “to make fake new old building” which I agree with completely. His interest in the “proletariat” and “inexpensive” are great and near to my own interests….but im not quite sure his “inexpensive and proletariat” are the same as most of us conceive of them.

And there are certainly some serious questions to be asked of this creation….like why is “off” good?….why is departure from “the system” good?….Why demand so much attention….What is our obsession with creativity, icon and identity, etc.

But that is what’s also great about the building and his astounding creative process….it makes you think!

Check out the interview;

And check out the images of the building by clicking on the right side of the image at this link!

Studio III architects’ Hero Wednesday: Ingenious Homes in Unexpected Places

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This is just an amazing look at how the majority of the world finds, improvises, and…MAKES their homes, and communities…You might be thinking, “Duh, how do you think people make their homes…a contractor or developer makes it!” but you will be surprised at how the vast majority of the world makes a home!

Creative spirit, ingenuity and the will for a better life are the heroic spirit of everyday life for most of the world beyond what we know. Check out this TED talk !

slum or ingenious architecture Studio III architects' Hero Wednesday

slum vs ingenious architecture Hero Wednesday