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Studio III architects’ Hero Wednesday: World’s Tallest Lego Tower

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A heroic endeavor indeed!!
The world’s tallest Lego tower!!
What more can I say?!


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Studio III architects’ Hero Wednesday: Graphene!



Graphene….I don’t know….the next wonder material??  Sounds a little scary…but really quite amazing.  Makes me feel like we might be living “back in the good ole days”


You’ve probably seen all you need to ….but….if you’re still interested…


….and this guy is a bit goofy…but he does add a bit of levity to the tale of Graphene future!

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Studio III’s Hero Wednesday: 3d Print Canal House, DUS Architects

Weirder then fiction (at least to an architect or builder)…but actually if you think about it, cars are made by robots, many surgeries are done or assisted by robots….so what’s so crazy about a building being made by robots, or 3D printer? Well watch this little video and let your mind wander a bit. The possibilities are many, the draw backs too, but these Architects are really looking to address a lot of the BIG questions of our future. And is it our future or just a passing fancy, or….a step along the way.

The project’s dedicated website is really quite interesting….poke around and discover more.



For a look at what else these architects from Amsterdam are thinking about check out their website!