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Studio III architects’ Hero Wednesday: Clean These Rivers?!


“Clean these rivers?!” a question or an exclamation…?
This is an amazing idea…to clean New York Cities Hudson and East River….to the extent that you could swim in them?!
Yes, check out Archie, Jeff and Dong’s idea for a public, floating, swimming pool that actually cleans the river.


The project also spotlights the idea that Designers can and should launch ideas to benefit our communities…because that is what we are trained to do but are rarely given the opportunity….because we usually have a client whose ideas come first.

The idea of the Designers as client is amazing. Initiating a project to solve a community or environmental issue, exploring and developing ideas and solutions from a sophisticated professional perspective with community and environmental wellbeing at the heart can have amazing results.

The question I have is how do they keep the lights on and the rent paid?! Seriously, how do you do that part?


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Studio III architects’ Hero Wednesday: Jacque Fresco’s “Venus Project”

As usual, this post is about something interesting…not declarations of truth or heroics (most of the time).

Jacque Fresco and his “Venus Project” looks to fix the world…that’s all….very Utopian. It’s good to have a dose of Utopia every so often!

Jacque Fresco

Fresco sees the abuse and misuse of technology, government and business and the threats they have imposed on our world. He puts forth solutions, some naive and some practical (…all with the next generation of problems for sure). His dialog is by far more moving then his architecture and engineering.  I would have to say its Jacques Fresco’s concern for our future and view of the problems we face the most interesting.  It’s a long video but very interesting and, yup, can be categorized under any number of titles ranging from Brilliant to Crazy….but which ever camp you hale from…it’s a valuable and interesting body of thought.