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Studio III architects’ Hero Wednesday: Extreme Cold Winter Ice Swimming in Siberia

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So the cold snap has passed here in Vermont.  We’ve now had two cold snaps or visits from the “Polar vortex” giving us temps at night of -12, -15, -20…and colder in some places.

And when confronted with what to do with temperatures like this one is at a total loss around here….but not in Siberia!!  So is this Dude a hero?!  Ha, …like being dared to lick a flag pole!!!  Photos and text are one thing…but Definitely check out the two videos at the bottom!!! …now where is my snorkel?!



Author: Studio III Architecture

Studio III Architecture is led by Vermont Architect Gregor Masefield, AIA, a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Studio III's architects are NCARB Certified and hold licenses in Vermont and New York.

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