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Studio III architects’ Hero Wednesday: Be Happy!

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Studio III architects' Hero Wednesday: Be Happy!

This little guy has a lot of interesting things to say and a BIG part of his message if very appropriate for this holiday season. Being happy is important, and to be reminded of this from a thirteen year old is pretty amazing….but then on the other hand….kids seem to understand this more then grown-ups…either way…the kids a Hero! And…he has a few other heroic notions too! Check it!

Studio III architects’ Hero Wednesday: Ingenious Homes in Unexpected Places

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This is just an amazing look at how the majority of the world finds, improvises, and…MAKES their homes, and communities…You might be thinking, “Duh, how do you think people make their homes…a contractor or developer makes it!” but you will be surprised at how the vast majority of the world makes a home!

Creative spirit, ingenuity and the will for a better life are the heroic spirit of everyday life for most of the world beyond what we know. Check out this TED talk !

slum or ingenious architecture Studio III architects' Hero Wednesday

slum vs ingenious architecture Hero Wednesday

Studio III architects’ Hero Wednesday: The World Behind a T-Shirt

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Studio III architects' Hero Wednesday: The World Behind a T-Shirt

This Wednesday’s Hero, like so many of these posts, is more of a fascinating story…a reality…that sheds some shocking light on how we live. Some would say, “hey, that’s life, you can’t change it!” and others would say “wow that’s really shocking…how do we fix that?”. Either way, the link below takes you to a fascinating life story of….a tee shirt! Yup…a tee shirt. And if one was hard pressed to call out the Hero here…I’d say it’s Planet Money and NPR for showing us just how out of touch we are with our consumption, others we share the world with, and one of the many immense issues to which we live oblivious… Without journalistic journeys like this one…not many of us stop to think about our actions and the world and lives they impact.