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Studio III architects’ Hero Wednesday: Jeffrey Kipnis

Ok….a quick Question & Answer session!
Q: what’s an apple?
A: a fruit that’s red
What is a…banker?! What is a tree?
Well here is a hard one…what is an Architect and what is Architecture? It conjurs all kinds of immediate reactions, some lofty, some perhaps not so lofty depending on your profession or walk of life. But beyond the immediate knee-jerk answer the questions of architect and architecture are very complicated and rooted in some pretty heady issues of philosophy, politics, identity, need, functionality, identity…. and I could go on…but I spare you and let Jeffery Kipnis tell you. Kipnis holds a degree in physics, is an architectural critic, theorist, designer, film-maker, curator, and educator. Kipnis is this week’s hero not because he really spells it out for us but because he has the nerve to go for it in 5 minutes!! You might be surprised at what he has to say about architects, and architecture and its role, methods and function.

And for a more deeper look at his thoughts…check out his conversation with Steven Holl!! (this is great!)

And if you like that one…here is the equivalent of a thanksgiving dinner of thought on the matter!!

Studio III architects’ Hero Wednesday: The Vermont Sail Freight Project

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Studio III architects' Hero Wednesday: The Vermont Sail Freight Project

Shiver me timbers!
The Vermont Sail Freight Project is this week’s hero…and our friends at the Willowell Foundation ( ) for sponsoring the epic journey and supporting its philosophic and physical mission. The story has been covered by many including the New Yorker magazine! The Kickstarter video is also a great intro this epic journey.

and for more flavor of the trip and its daily adventures check out the blog!
…and facebook!

Congratulations on a successful and Heroic voyage!

Studio III architects’ Hero Wednesday: Historic Preservation – what is worth saving?

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The question of Historic Preservation in architecture is an open ended question of What, Why, When and How, that sits at the core of this weeks Hero Blog entry…but who is the hero and who is the villain? This video spotlights the reasoning on both sides of the argument…and leaves each of us to decide for ourselves (although the decision has been made). The center piece of this video is without doubt a significant modern architectural land mark in Chicago by Betrand Goldberg….the Prentice Women’s Hospital, a landmark of the Brutalism Architecture movement. There are many things that go into establishing value, nostalgia, history, technologic feats of human endeavors…oh and money (can’t leave that little point of reason out…). What makes something worth saving or destroying?
Check it out and let us know what you think…and why!