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Studio III architects’ Hero Wednesday: Ecovative Design

This week’s hero is something or a re-do….but these guys are amazing and have a lot of thoughts about our future…and ideas on how we fix it!!
Everyone loves a video right…well check these out. They are called Ecovative,
RPI grads that started up a little company…and check out their TED talks!

Bio Tech that works in your own compost!
Renewable in 5 days!!
These guys are a company to keep an eye on…and heros

Studio III architects' Hero Wednesday

Studio III architects’ Hero Wednesday: Ecovative Design

Studio III architects’ Hero Wednesday: Benedetta Tagliabue

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Studio III architects' Hero Wednesday:  Benedetta Tagliabue

This week’s hero goes to Benedetta Tagliabue who has received the 2013 RIBA Jencks Award.

Their website is hard to navigate so this takes you to “projects” (for more hover over the “menu” at the top left)

Ms. Tagliabue is a founding principal of EMBT architects (The late Enric Mirralles, the other founding principal of EMBT has been a favorite of mine since his partnership with Carme Pinon…their work was amazing too! check it out if you get a minute ).

Architecture is a tough profession to climb to the top and few women have achieved the critical acclaim as Ms Tagliabue. To meet her and see her studio and work check out this video.

Benedetta Tagliabue work, achievements and process are amazing…total hero!

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Studio III architects’ Hero Wednesday: Wendell Berry

Studio III architects' Hero Wednesday

Wendell Berry: Studio III’s Wednesday Hero

Seems like wisdom and leadership are at an all time low in this country…perhaps this world…I don’t know….foolishness and greed-driven ideas seem to be leading the day.  And what can “we the people” do about it…some would say “there’s nothing we can do about it”…”it’s out of our control”.  But Not Wendell Berry.  He might be the only one out there with the wisdom grace and honesty to an answer to our dilemma…and his words of wisdom are directed specifically at you and me. Wendell is a national treasure in so many ways…

”Wendell Berry on his Hopes for Humanity” is a long video…but worth every minute.
Wendell is definitely a hero.

Studio III architects’ Hero Wednesday: Solar Decathlon

Studio III architects’ Hero Wednesday:  This week’s hero…again not just one individual…but a slew of folks participating in the U.S Department of energy Solar Decathlon.

Check out ultra energy efficient innovative concepts for homes of the future, designed and build by college students from around the world…and VOTE for the one you like the best!!!

Solar Decathlon