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Studio III architects’ Hero Wednesday: Visionary/Artist Matthew Mazzotta

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There are many heros in the piece starting with the visionary/artist Matthew Mazzotta. The York, Alabama community is indeed a lucky recipients of this community transforming project but a hero for enabling the vision, believing in the vision, building it and using it….change is really hard for most communities. And one of the biggest unsung heros of this project and Many others is the National Endowment for the Arts (and many other unsung philanthropists too!).


The Artist:

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Studio III architects’ Hero Wednesday: Burlington School District’s “Diversity Rocks International Youth Group”

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Most folks don’t think of Vermont as a center of diversity, and we aren’t compared to some places…but we are divers and understand the challenges and opportunities…and how to move forward!

This week’s Hero is the Burlington School Districts “Diversity Rocks International Youth Group” who just WON the national contest sponsored by the United Nations to highlight this year’s theme for the International Day of Peace, “Educate for Peace”! This video will be shown at the United Nations on September 21st and is a huge achievement for the students, faculty and staff of the Burlington Vermont school district!
You guys ROCK with an awesome message for our community….and the rest of the world….Congratulations, your guys are definitely Heroes!

Get a preview of their video!

Also check out the face book page!

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Studio III architects’ Hero Wednesday: Rabbithole

Rabbit Hole Projects is about the freedom to follow your dreams… the guts to do your thing even if its different….the will to help others follow their dreams…Rabbit hole sees art as an important part of this world and advocates for it…..which makes Shawn Lyons a Hero.

Rabbithole Studios hero Wednesday


Take a look at this video:


and check out the Rabbit Holes website too

Studio III architects’ Hero Wednesday: Frank Gehry

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Studio III architects' Hero Wednesday: Frank Gehry

Studio III architects’ hero of the week:

A real person…no pompous airs (maybe you’d disagree?), no ivory tower with the academic language of isolation to leave the rest of us wondering what he’s talking about…he’s just real and a seemingly simple guy but driven by amazing commitment and rigor. He no doubt believes in himself but also harrassingly questions himself and challenges his biases. He requires an all encompassing awareness of context to inform the new frontiers for his creations….he doesn’t simply cough up a new twist to the same ole thing (again perhaps some would disagree?!)and is highly intuitive as well as pragmatic. And he has done this on a mind boggling scale, all over the world, while balancing all the other requirements that preoccupy the rest of us trying to pull off a significant and meaningful practice!

Definitely a legend and one of the greatest of our time (weather you love or hate his work), and a simple, genuine guy….which is the really amazing part and why Frank Gehry is a hero for sure.

I wonder what he is like to work for (or with…?) and if anyone out there has a firsthand experience to share…please let us know!