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Hero…NOT (or so say the Hero Police!)

Hero…NOT (or so say the Hero Police!)

This guy is not a hero…or at least one part of what he is saying is pure villainous corporate greed and exploitation.
The cost of the education to pursue a career in the design fields is an unbelievable expense.  You are then confronted with “the internship” and licensing…and this guy thinks you should work for free?!  We all have bills to pay and although it may have been a reality when he came up through the system we live in a much different world….and exploitation of talents is barbaric “Mad Men” type stuff…His message on all of his other points is good, but I couldn’t disagree with him more on interns working for free….IT’S SIMPLY FLAT OUT WRONG. And for that he is not a hero…..

Hero Wednesday – Mario Botta

This week’s hero is Mario Botta, a swiss architect who’s Berge Oase in Arosa, Switzerland strikes an amazing chord with its natural surroundings while embracing the reality of our modern culture and technology.     Swiss architects in general seem to have this ability to make us suddenly aware of our relationship to the word around us, and experience based revelation, a sense of a mysterious relationship we have to the world.

“The One Safe Investment and Why You Never Hear About It From Financial Advisors”

When I was a kid…(and no im not that old)….i had a savings account that earned (that’s right “earned”) 8.25%. The banking industry did away with that and I’m sure they’d say it was for our own good. So now if we need liquid cash we must borrow it….no dipping into the savings.

This article features a different way to think about investments and earnings that seems to make sense but is very different from our current way of thinking…what do you think? Fuzzy math, fact or fiction….?