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Studio III architects presents Hero Wednesday

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Studio III architects presents Hero Wednesday

The soaring ideals, convictions and passion of youth….we all leave our esteemed academic vacuums only to meet the truth of the professional world.  This truth would be the gulf between theory and practice….that school was an effort to teach you to think and motivate for the loftiest goals possible…to do something great for this world, to make a difference….and then you meet the reality of business and start to grind out a career. Rock star designers right out of school do exist and Jessica Walsh is one of very few who has proven it’s not just a fairy tale.


Author: Studio III Architecture

Studio III Architecture is led by Vermont Architect Gregor Masefield, AIA, a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Studio III's architects are NCARB Certified and hold licenses in Vermont and New York.

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